The civilization was found on the roof of the renovated Villa Botsi

The Botsi flagship villa in Nea Erythraia "opened its gates" for the benefit of the citizens on Saturday, April 6, 2019, in the presence of a multitude of citizens, journalists, politicians and people of the Arts and Letters.

The old residence of the well-known founder of historical newspapers (unfortunately not circulating for years) "Acropolis" and "Apogevmatini", the work of the important architect Jason Rizos, was transformed into a multipurpose civilization with its main use as a center of Asia Minor culture.

The Metropolitan of Kifissia, Amaroussiou and Oropou served the inauguration of the site. Cyril.

The event and the speakers were presented by the president of KEMME (Research and Study Center for Eurasia of Eurasia) Efi Koutsi, who among other things stressed that "this space will be used for various selective actions and events, according to the concession terms and with respect for the environment ".

The president of the Hellenic Journalism Promotion Foundation "Ath. Botsis "Panagiotis Karagiannis congratulated Giorgos Thomakos and stressed among other things:" By renovating the house of Athanasios Botsis and transforming it into a space of Culture and History open to the citizens you come to breathe in the great national visions of Nassos Botsis and in the depots left us."

ESIEA Vice-President Ms. Aria Agatsa stressed "Warm congratulations on the successful renovation and the fulfillment of the donations of the late Nassos Botsis. Under the wings of the Center for Research and Study of Asia Minor Eritrea the Villa will acquire its old glory."

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